Pressure Relief Gel Disks


Pressure relieving gel disks can be placed anywhere to relieve pressure and discomfort caused by abrasions and to prevent blisters.

SB3311 – 2 3/4″ Diameter x  1/8″ Thick

SB3312 – 2 3/4″ Diameter x  3/16″ Thick

**Each package contains [2] disks



StuntBumpers’ Pressure relieving polymer gel disks are great for adding padding to eliminate discomfort, pressure, and abrasions. The latex-free, hypoallergenic material is perfect for those with even the most sensitive skin.  These gels will not slide or bunch up and can be placed anywhere there is discomfort.  Easily cleaned for reuse.

Available in 2 different thickness: 1/8″ and 3/16″

SB3311 – 2 3/4″ Diameter x 1/8″ Thick

SB3312 – 2 3/4″ Diameter x 3/16″ Thick

**Each package contains [2] disks



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Pad Thickness

1/8", 3/16"