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Get fully protected and SAVE  with StuntBumpers’ new customizable Starter Sets. Each set comes complete with knee, hip, spine (tailbone), and elbow pads! Simply go through the categories below and select which option would best suit your needs.  Since everyone has different sizing needs we HIGHLY recommend everyone who is not familiar with our product to read the sizing information at the bottom of this page before making selections.  We are also available by e-mail to help with size selections.

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE ORDERING: The actual pad in the “Original Molded pad w/sleeve” are all ONE size. We also only have 3 sizes of molded pads, please scroll down and read the information for the molded pads before purchasing to make sure you are selecting the correct size. 

***Please be aware that glove pads are temporarily unavailable.***

Starter sets are reduced by an additional 5%

(Starter Set image is an example. Actual items included vary based on your individual selections. Please read what is included with each product carefully.)


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Knee Pads

Thin Original Impact Barrier

The most popular and best option for low-profile knee protection.
Available in 3 different sizes from Small to Large.


The following are circumference measurements taken two (2) inches above the kneecap. They should be used as guidelines for selecting the proper size knee pad.


  • Large: 17″ +
  • Medium: 14″ to 16.5″
  • Small: 11″ to 13.5″

Medium Molded Knee Pad

Designed to meet the needs of those with petite to average builds who prefer a molded pad vs. our lower profile Original Impact Barriers.

Measure 6″ from top to bottom and 5 1/4 ” from side to side at the widest point.  Its’ thickest point measures 1/2″ over the patella, tapering down to 3/16″ as it goes out around the edges.  Please contact us if you have any questions about sizing!

Large Molded Knee Pad

An excellent option for extra heavy-duty protection for those with Large builds.  Only recommended for customers who would normally wear size Large or Extra Large.

Elbow Pads

Small Molded Pad

Conforms perfectly around your elbow providing complete protection while still remaining unnoticed under wardrobe.  This is the best option for our petite to average customers- men and women who would normally use sizes XSmall – Medium (Actual pads are all one size; size selection is for the retention sleeve that is included.)

Small Molded pads 4.25″ from top to bottom and 3.75″ from side to side at the widest point.


Medium Molded Pad 

The perfect elbow pad for those with larger builds.  Best for customers who would normally wear Large or Extra large.

Medium Molded pads are 6″ from top to bottom and 5 1/4 ” from side to side at the widest point.  Its’ thickest point measures 1/2″ over the bone, tapering down to 3/16″ as it goes out around the edges.

Hip Pads

Original Impact Barrier

The thick version is most commonly used for hip pads. Our smaller, more petite customers sometimes choose the thin for lighter, more low-profile protection. Hip pads can be held in place with a pair of our compression shorts. (Please see product page for more sizing information.)

Spine Pad

Designed to tuck under the tailbone for lower spine protection. Can be held in place by compression/spandex shorts or tights.
Short: 8 inches Long
Long: 11 inches Long

Glove Pad (Small Impact Barrier)

Rectangular pad commonly used as glove pad with many other uses such as hot spot bad, blister protector inside shoes (not to be used under the foot,) etc.

Retention Sleeves

Retention sleeves are made from a highly elastic, latex-free, hypoallergenic material and work great for stunt performers of all sizes from extra small to large. These strong sleeves hold the pads perfectly in place and are easily died to match make-up or skin color.

Measure 3” above and below the patella/ elbow and determine your size based off the max circumference of each sleeve.

XS/Small: Top band max circumference 15” – Bottom band max circumference 10”

Med/Large: Top/bottom band max circumference 19”

NEW!! StuntBag*

StuntBumpers new Stunt Bag is water resistant and features padded shoulder straps, a large inside pocket, front net pocket perfect for a water bottle, and front zipper pocket that fits even the largest of cell phones!

It is perfect for carrying all your StuntBumpers pads to set- also great to use for the gym, outdoor activities, concerts and sporting events.

Bag dimensions when flat: 16″ W  x  18″ H

*StuntBags were formerly a promotional item available for free while supplies lasted.  They were so popular that we decided to add them to our product line and make them available at a discounted price when purchased with the set.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 2 in


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