“The back pads work like a treat! …I was pulled straight into an upright pole, hitting it square and then dropping to the ground, 3 takes & didn’t have a bruise on me…They’re awesome!”

-Ingrid K., Stunt Performer

“I purchased the basic starter pack of Stuntbumpers a couple years ago and can’t even keep track of the number/variety of gags I’ve used them for! I’d crushed my meniscus 2 years ago so I’m usually paranoid about keeping my knees safe during any stunt I perform… I use the thin original impact barriers for knee pads and they offer excellent protection yet remain SUPER low profile under skinny jeans and even under nylons with a skirt/heels! The hips can be placed anywhere extra protection from blunt force is needed and I’ve tossed the squares under my shoulder harness during car crashes to keep from being pinched by the belts upon impact. These pads have been through the ringer too- Numerous falls to pavement, salt water, extreme heat, extreme cold, fights, high falls, I’ve even placed one of the smaller pads under my wig to protect my head during a stair fall! I can honestly say my kit of Stuntbumpers is always the FIRST thing I throw into my “travel” stunt bag… And still going strong even after all the abuse! I’m very glad I made the small investment in such a great product that has paid for itself MANY times over throughout the jobs! THANK YOU Stuntbumpers!”

-Becca GT (SAG-AFTRA stunt woman)

“Your knees, elbows and hip pads are without a doubt the best impact barriers on the market, no question!!
But last week I used two of your hip pads in a different way, one placed on the chest and one placed on their back as padding under our movie bullet hits or (Squibs).
The entry and exit wound of a movie bullet hit or (squib) is made by an explosive charge that is attached to a blood pack to be secured inside the clothing of the actor or stunt person.
When this explosive charge goes off it often gives the person wearing it quite a sting/bruise.
Using your hip pads as the barrier between the Bullet Hit/ (Squib) and the actor, was a complete success and absorbed almost all of the energy from the explosive charge.
Guessing, I’d say it reduced about 80% of the impact leaving the actor feeling only 20% of it which is just the perfect amount to react too without getting a sting.”

-Clay F. (Stunt coordinator/Stunt Double)

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the order. I tried on the pads and the quality is unreal. Thanks again for keeping the cost low! I’ll definitely recommend you guys.”

-Caroline S., Stunt Performer