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Protection from injury for Stunt Performers is a new venture for us. Our original target market was Ice Figure Skaters. The fall protection pads found on our skating site, were originally designed to protect skaters from injuries acquired during the fall to the ice caused by a missed jump.

The Impact Barrier line is a new endeavor for us. In addition to incorporating proven pads from the skating catalog, we are now developing pads to address the specific challenges faced by the stunt performer community. Auxiliary Pads for Back Protectors (Armadillo) were the first to be developed specifically for the stunt professional and have just been released along with the larger Molded Elbow pad that fits men better and may be used to protect knees for both Stuntmen and Stuntwomen. . Additionally, pads to alleviate pressure from leg straps and buckles on the harness used during wirework are currently being developed and hopefully will be released soon. Furthermore, StuntBumpers is also looking into thigh pads that should have multiple uses.

We are constantly asking you, in the field, to tell us about issues that you believe we can address with our impact absorbing and pressure relieving pads.

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