Lap Belt Crash Pads


NEW!!  Lap Belt Crash Pad and Lap Belt/Shoulder Harness Set.

Relieve pain and discomfort caused by lap belt and shoulder harness pressure!

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Lap Belt Crash Pad

21” Long x 5” Wide x 9mm Thick* pad with Velcro compatible fabric on 1 side and slip resistant gel on the other.
StuntBumpers developed the Lap Belt crash pad with the help of stunt driver Becca GT. Designed to absorb the uncomfortable pressure from lap belts and shoulder harnesses.

*Due to our manufacturing process pad dimensions may vary by ½” at most.

Lap belt/shoulder harness pad set:

Includes one Lap belt crash pad and two 5” x 7” fabric backed harness pads.

“Some of the reasons the 9mm ‘lap belt crash pad’ works so well is the slightly stretchable length allows it to be firmly tucked around and under my butt in the seat- AND the “sticky” part stays in place against my fire suit which helps prevent slippage (which would be VERY, VERY bad during a crash).  The ‘shoulder harness crash pads’ also stay in place very well, even under a Hans device collar, or in my case, my Hybrid Pro. When cinched down super tight, that tiny bit of ‘squish’ really helps make what is normally very uncomfortable, only uncomfortable… And that’s a great thing!!!”


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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 0.5 in

Lap belt crash pad, Lap belt/shoulder harness pad set


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