Custom-Made Forearm Pads

StuntBumpers’ newest product- Forearm Pads that are custom-made just for you!

~Starting at only $75!

~Custom sizes- can be cut to cover as small or large of an area as necessary

~Low-profile – at only 6mm thick, this pad can be easily concealed under tight clothing or worn exposed with the Retention Sleeves.

~High Impact absorbing- Made from the same StuntBumpers’ material that has been trusted for over 15 years!

~Please Contact Us to order your Custom Forearm pads today!


(**Please note that this product is in stock, but can only be ordered via Phone or E-mail.**)



We can create any size pad to meet your specific needs. Other pads on the market only cover a small area of the arm, but our pads can cover the entire forearm if needed. They can be positioned wherever is necessary, making them versatile to protect against hits from any angle!

The pads are made from our Fabric-backed material and paired with our Small Retention Sleeves. We take special care and time with each order to make sure it is exactly what you need for your specific body style and/or stunt.

Please Contact Us to order a pair of Custom Forearm Pads or to inquire about other custom products we have available.